The famous Goroka Festival and the Highlights of the Highland Tribes

Expedition day 1:  Friday 31 March 2023 (Meals: -/-/-)

Departure from Bangkok to Port Moresby

Expedition day 2:  Saturday 1 April 2023 (Meals: -/-/D)

Arrive in Wewak by air from Port Moresby. – check-in to standard room. Overnight at the hotel.

Expedition day 3:  Sunday 2 April 2023 (Meals: B/L/D)

Breakfast at 7 – 7 30 am. Depart Wewak with your guide by private bus to Pagwi in the Middle Sepik region. Board your motorized dugout canoe heading downriver to Kanganaman, on the way, if time allows, stopping off at Korogu village (if not time, then on your way back upriver) and onto Kanganaman village. Sleep at Kanganaman guesthouse or similar.

Expedition day 4:  Monday 3 April 2023 (Meals: B/L/D)

Depart Kanganaman and visit the nearby beautiful village of Palembei with its two Haus Tambarans, both filled with artifacts. There will be plenty of opportunity to inspect and purchase many varied forms of artifacts in the village and inside the two Haus Tambarans at this village. Return to Kanganaman and late afternoon witness the second, smaller Haus Tambaran perform its unique, traditional Murik Sing-sing (Cassowary dance). After dinner return to the big, main Spirit House to meet and talk with the initiated men.  Being inside the Spirit Haus at night is a great experience when you can almost feel the ancestor spirits in the shadows! It may be possible, as an alternative, to go crocodile hunting in the evening with young men from the village. Sleep at the village guesthouse.

Expedition day 5:  Tuesday 4 April 2023 (Meals: B/L/D)

Depart Kanganaman to visit Kimindibit village on the riverside where a varied assortment of artifacts and woven goods will be displayed for you to view or purchase, and the village women will demonstrate billum weaving and other daily village tasks. Back onto the canoe travelling down river travel to the Chambri Lakes.  Overnight in the village guest house overlooking the Chambri lakes. The family will show you how they cook their sago and offer you to try their staple food and how they eat it. Photographic setup with Godox lights and setup scenes designed by Jatenipat JKboy Ketpradit.

Expedition day 6:  Wednesday 5 April 2023 (Meals: B/L/D)

After breakfast visit the Chambri Haus Tambaran, a waterside walk of five minutes from the Guest House, then depart Chambri village to visit Aibom village (still part of Chambri Lakes). Aibom is known for its local clay pottery, sago storage jars and clay fire pots. Aibom trade their clay pots all along the river in exchange for food products that their clay-based land cannot grow. Photographic setup with Godox lights and setup scenes designed by Jatenipat JKboy Ketpradit.

Expedition day 7:  Thursday 6 April 2023 (Meals: B/L/D)

Morning shoot in studio and afternoon shoot in studio and outdoor landscape shootings of the cultural tribes in the evening with flash Godox lights. (Name of tribal villages to be announced later). Around 4 PM we photograph cultural Groups in natural jungle and traditional house shootings.

Expedition day 8:  Friday 7 April 2023 (Meals: B/L/D)

After breakfast we visit our last cultural group for the final shooting. We proceed to Pagwi and take the bus back to Wewak for our overnight in the town.

Expedition day 9:  Saturday 8 April 2023 (Meals: -/-/D)

Morning flight to Port Moresby. Flight to Mount Hagen. Overnight in Mt Hagen.

Expedition day 10:  Sunday 9 April 2023 (Meals: B/L/D)

Free morning – afternoon Huli Wigmen shooting near Mt Hagen. We get a visit from the Huli wigmen who have lived in the Tari region of the southern highlands for approximately 1,000 years. All clan members consider themselves as one person descended from a male ancestor named Huli. We take photographs in a jungle location and in studio settings. Overnight in Mount Hagen

Expedition day 11: Monday 10 April 2023 (Meals: B/L/D)

We drive to Enga Province today to visit the Black Faced tribe. The Hewa share their land between the Southern Highlands and Enga Provinces.The Hewa were one of the last people in Papua New Guinea to come into contact with the outside world. Many Hewa people remained uncontacted until 1975, when the Australian last “First Contact Patrol” came into the area, bringing steel axes to the people still using the stone axes. Afternoon rest and inspection of the area to shoot the next day.

Expedition day 12:  Tuesday 11 April 2023 (Meals: B/L/D)

Today we photograph the Black faced tribe in different locations. In their traditional house and also in forest locations and studio.

Expedition day 13:  Wednesday 12 April 2023 (Meals: B/L/D)

Today we drive from the Black faced tribe to Jiwaka province. Overnight at Jiwaka Province after the souting for the next day.

Expedition day 14:  Thursday 13 April 2023 (Meals: B/L/D)

Full day Jiwaka Tribes, we take photos of the the people of Jiwaka or Jiwakans. They are generally kind and friendly with unique traditional cultures and many different spoken dialects. They live in typical highlands-style round houses in family units making up small clans and bigger tribes.

With the advantage of its fertile soil the province is famous for its fresh garden produce such as pineapples, oranges, peanuts, cucumbers, sweet potatoes, cassava, bananas, sugarcane, red pandanus and an array of vegetables. Full day photography.

Expedition day 15:  Friday 14 April 2023 (Meals: B/L/D)

Transfer to Mindima, check in the hotel and walk to the famous cave of the Skeleton Tribe, Lunch around the Cave and back to the Skeleton Eco Guesthouse. Free evening and lunch at the Skeleton Eco Guesthouse.

Expedition day 16:  Saturday 15 April 2023 (Meals: B/L/D)

Performance of the Insect hunters after breakfast. After lunch transfer to Asaro for a visit to the famous Mudmen Tribe of Papua New Guinea. Overnight at  Asaro Eco Resort.

Expedition day 17:  Sunday 16 April 2023 (Meals: B/L/D)

After breakfast we head to Asaro River companied by the Asaro Mudmen. Performance of the Asaro Mudmen near the river. Lunch picknick and back walking to the Asaro Village. Afternoon performance by the Moko Moko Tribe and also studio photography. Overnight at  Asaro Eco Resort.

Expedition day 18:  Monday 17 April 2023 (Meals: B/-/-)

Morning trandferr to the Airport. Flight from Goroka to Port Moresby


PART 1: Wewak and Ambunti Crocodile Expedition

Based on 8 persons = 107.000 THB all-inclusive except domestic flights

Based on 6 persons = 127.000 THB all-inclusive except domestic flights

Per person based in small accommodation in double room.


PART 2: HIGHLANDS TRIP – Enga Tribes – Huli Tribe – Jiwaka Tribes – Skeleton and insect Hunters – Asaro Mudmen and Moko Moko

Based on 8 persons = 102.000 THB all-inclusive except domestic flights

Based on 6 persons = 120.000 THB all-inclusive except domestic flights

Per person based in small accommodation in double room.