The Ultimate Tribal Experience – The Highlands Expedition in Papua New Guinea

The Ultimate Tribal Experience – The Highlands Expedition in Papua New Guinea

Asaro Mudmen – Moko Moko Dance – Widow ceremony – Gimisave Arunumuna Tribe Women Group – Burning heads of Gimisave – Yangpela Asaro Mudboys – Bere Tribe – Skeleton Tribe – Narku dust Walkers aka The Ash Kondai Pia – The Insect Hunters of Mindima – Bogo Tribes – Graiku Tribe –  Sekaka Tribe – Jiwaka Tribes – Forest Skull Kids of Koskala

Day 1: Monday 17/6/2023 – Your Airport – Port Moresby


Day 2: Tuesday 18/6/2023 – Connecting Airport – PORT-MORESBY

Arrival in Port Moresby and overnight.

Day 3: Wednesday 19/6/2024 – Asaro River – Gimisave Coffee plantation and the Burning Heads.

Flight to Asaro. In the afternoon we will head to the village of Gimisave by local bus and visit the community of coffee growers where we also see the performance of three cultural groups: The Gimisave Arunumuna Tribe Women Group, the Yangpela Asaro Mudboys,  and the blue hour of the evening performance of the Burning heads of Gimisave. You will also see a performance of traditional Bamboo Cooking and taste some local foods.
Back to the Asaro Mudmen tribal eco lodge for dinner and overnight stay.


Day 4: Thursday 20/06/2024 – Bena Tribe – Neheya Initiation

Today we visit the Bena Tribe for seeing the Tongue Bleeding and the Cane Swallowing rituals. The Neheya Initiation was a reserved practice for men in the Bena area of Eastern Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea. The canes swallowing ritual (Neheya Initiation) often referred to as ‘Drin Kol Wara’ (Drink Cold Water) by the Bena people of Eastern Highlands. The Neheya Initiation is practiced only by men. It is sacred, women were never allowed to know about it in the old days. Back to the Asaro Mudmen tribal eco lodge for dinner and overnight stay.

Day 5: Friday 21/06/2024 – THE ASARO MUDMEN FESTIVAL

Today is a big day, we will see a huge gathering of Asaro Mudmen and also some other visiting cultural groups. We organize a traditional Mumu, or underground cooking with a roasted Pig. We will also see the Jungle Kids of Akameku, the masked performers of Kurekuwo, the Moko Moko War Victory dance and the Bere Bere fighting Warriors and many more. This day we start to see the dressing of the warriors and groups after breakfast and finish around 2 or 3 PM in the afternoon. In the evening we have a small after party around a huge campfire. Stay at the Asaro Mudmen tribal eco lodge for dinner and overnight stay.

DAY 6: Saturday 22/06/2024 – Asaro to Mindima (3 hours) – Narku dust Walkers aka The Ash Kondai Pia and first Introduction to the Skeleton Tribe

Morning transfer to Mindima. Lunch and relax. At 3 PM first performance of the Dust Shakers and the Skeleton Tribe at the side of the river, small walk to the bottom of the valley. Dust Shakers are widowers after a few years they are ready to date again and want to show their strength and body to the ladies in the village. Try to get a photo when the dust flies around their whole body.

Back by 5, 6 PM at the Skeleton Eco Lodge. Dinner and overnight.

Day 7: Sunday 23/06/2024 SKELETON TRIBE FESTIVAL

Day 8: Monday 24/06/2024 Mindima to Bogo

Morning transfer to Bogo Cultural Village (about 2 hours) and check in have lunch. Afternoon performance of Bogo Cultural activities from the Graiku Tribe, the pristine valley of Bogo looks like a fairytale, with a beautiful river with huge boulders running through it, spotted with Traditional houses, farms and pigs surrounded by majestic mountains. See more activities and walk around Bogo Village and the surrounding Rainforest Jungle. You will see more traditional houses and the old ways of Papua New Guinea hunting, setting traps and how to make fire with natural materials from the jungle. Back to Mindima by car (2 Hours). Overnight in Skeleton Eco Lodge.

Day 9: Tuesday 25/06/2024 – Mindima to Jiwaka – Mount Hagen

Morning Transfer to Jiwaka – Afternoon you will see the full dressing of the Jiwaka Tribes in full bilas with amazing feathers and headdresses. We see man, ladies and Bamboo flute players from the Sekaka Tribe and visit an old traditional men’s house. After this we see the performance of the Forest Skull Kids of Koskala. Transfer to our hotel in Mount Hagen.

Day 10: Wednesday 26/06/2024 – Huli Tribe and Tambul Tribe

Today we drive to a small village outside mount Hagen and visit the Huli Wigmen in the morning. We then have local lunch there and in the afternoon we will encounter the Tambul tribe of Mount Giluwe. The Tambul people live at Mt. Giluwe. They live at the border of Southern Highland Provinces and Enga, Western Highlands and Southern Highland Provinces. Their traditional dress, face and body painting, singing, and dancing is a mix of these provinces. Overnight in Mount Hagen.

Day 11: Thursday 27/06/2024 – Bird of Paradise at Kumul – Enga Province

Transfer to Kumul, an excellent destination for montage New Guinea birding and where Birds of Paradise are amongst the regulars at the feeders, offering fantastic photo opportunities. Other regulars at the feeders include Brehm’s Tiger Parrot, Smoky Honeyeater, Belford’s Melidectes and Island Thrush. Chestnut Forest Rail is occasionally seen beneath the feeder while Crested Berrypecker and White-winged Robin are often seen nearby. We have lunch on the way and continue to Enga Province. Check in the hotel and overnight in Wabek Hotel.

Day 12: Friday 28/06/2024 – Black Faced Tribe – Enga Province

After breakfast we drive about one hour to a remote village where we have a full day of activities of the Black Faced Tribe of Enga Province. The Black Faced Tribe, also known as the Suli Muli people, is an ethnic group that lives in the rugged mountains of Papua New Guinea’s Enga Province. They are known for their distinctive black face paint, which they apply to their faces as a symbol of their identity and cultural heritage. The Suli Muli people are one of the most isolated and traditional groups in Papua New Guinea. Overnight in Wabek Hotel.

Day 13: Saturday 29/06/2024 Drive to Mount Hagen

In the morning we drive to Mount Hagen and free afternoon at the hotel and dinner. Prepare for our flight to Port Moresby tomorrow.

Day 14: Sunday 30/06/2024 – MOUNT HAGEN – PORT MORESBY (O)

After breakfast transfer to the airport for your flight to Port Moresby. It is advised to stay one night in Port Moresby to secure a good connection with your international flight as sometimes domestic flights get a delay. Overnight in Port Moresby Hotel (at own expense)


Flight from Port Moresby to your Home6

Day 16: Tuesday 02/07/2024 Arrive home

Arrival at your home airport

Price: 4500 Euro PP in shared double room

Single occupancy: 1200 Euro

8 persons is one person free of charge (no flights included)


– Local English speaking guide

– All room nights in shared double room

– Transportation for the whole trip

– Breakfast lunch and dinner (all meals)

– Performances for all cultural groups and tribes

– Guided walks to caves and mountains

– Taxes and fees

– Basic Laundry

Not Included:

– International and domestic flights to: Goroka Airport

– Insurance (recommended)

– Personal expenses (drinks and alcohol with your food, souvenirs, phone bill, etc.)


Accommodation is basic but clean, and at some places can be with shared toilet or showers. We stay with the tribes at local homestay guesthouses. Electricity is available during most of the whole trip, also you will have internet access. (For Phone access you need to pay extra SIM card at the airport)

Due to unforeseen events the organizers can change the program during the execution of the trip. We will do our best to follow the program and include all events mentioned. We make plans to cover most problems should they arise, which is very seldom, but the visitor must be aware of the small possibility of plans not working out as per schedule and accept this warning.



We ask for a deposit of 50% to be paid. As soon as we have the deposit your booking reservation is confirmed. The deposit is non-refundable but valid for next year’s trip to join.

We ask for the final balance of payment 2 months before the expedition commences.

Cancellation within 3 weeks of the commencement of the expedition incurs a penalty of 100% of monies paid to date. Payments can be done by international bank transfers in PNG, EU, USA or Thailand (Asia).

– Please bring warm clothing for the evenings.

– There is no mosquito problem in the highlands

– Extra money can be changed at the airport upon arrival

– Sim card possible to buy at POM airport the company to choose is DIGICELL

– You need a passport valid for 6 months + VISA application and approved VISA


– At the airports you need a printed version of all your vaccinations (this might change in 2023)