The Graiku tribe is a fascinating indigenous group with a rich cultural heritage.


They reside in the picturesque landscapes of Bogo Village Koro Headwaters in Papua New Guinea. The Graiku people warmly welcome visitors, offering a glimpse into their vibrant traditions. Their singing, dancing, and enchanting bamboo flute music showcase their artistic talents. Sharing their traditional food preparation, like the Mumu feast, is a delightful experience. The Graiku tribe’s deep appreciation for their artifacts and their close connection to the Koro River add to the allure of this extraordinary community. Visiting the Graiku tribe is an opportunity to immerse oneself in a truly unique cultural encounter.


Welcome to Bogo Village, home of the Graiku tribe, nestled in the breathtaking landscapes of Koro Headwaters, Papua New Guinea. When you visit, you’ll have the unique opportunity to stay in a traditional house, immersing yourself in their rich culture and way of life. The warm hospitality of the Graiku people will make you feel like a special guest. You can witness their skilled hunting techniques, observe them setting traps to catch game, and even learn the art of castrating pigs—a crucial cultural practice. Experience the joy of preparing traditional food, such as the Mumu feast, and learn how to hunt for cascas, a local delicacy. This unforgettable adventure will give you a deep appreciation for the Graiku tribe’s connection to nature and their ancestral traditions.