The Asaro Mudmen Tribal Eco Lodge

  • Asaro Mudmen: The Asaro Mudmen are an indigenous tribe of Papua New Guinea known for their unique clay masks and distinctive mud-covered appearance. They are known for their Moko Moko dance, which is performed to celebrate victories and other significant events.
  • Moko Moko Dance: The Moko Moko dance is a traditional dance of the Asaro tribe, performed by the Mudmen. It involves intricate movements and rhythmic drumming and is often performed to celebrate victories or other significant events.
  • Widow ceremony: The Widow ceremony is a traditional funeral ritual of the Asaro tribe. During the ceremony, the widow of the deceased must shave her head and go into a period of mourning, during which she is isolated from the rest of the community.
  • Gimisave Arunumuna Tribe Women Group: The Gimisave Arunumuna Tribe Women Group is a group of women from the Asaro tribe who perform traditional dances and songs. They often perform at cultural events and festivals.
  • Burning heads of Gimisave: Burning heads of Gimisave is a traditional practice of the Asaro tribe. It involves lighting a fire on the head and walking around, with the intention of scaring away birds and bats. This practice is no longer common and is mostly performed by tourists.
  • The Yangpela Asaro Mudboys, descendants of the Asaro Mudmen, is a small group of kids who are eager to learn about their original culture, and their fathers teach them how to make and display the masks to visitors in order to preserve the tradition for the future.