Savanaunt Crocodile Tribe Lodge Sepik River Wewak

  1. Yangoru Village:
    • Explore the traditional Yangoru Village and witness the daily life of the indigenous communities.
  2. Chambri Lakes:
    • Discover the scenic Chambri Lakes, surrounded by lush landscapes and home to various tribes.
  3. Savanogh Crocodile Lodge:
    • Stay at Savanogh Crocodile Lodge, offering a unique blend of comfort and traditional ambiance.
  4. Asaro Mudmen:
    • Witness the famous Asaro Mudmen, known for their distinct clay masks and performances.
  5. Kanganaman Tribe:
    • Immerse yourself in the culture of the Kanganaman Tribe, known for their artistic expressions and rituals.
  6. Parimbe Tribe:
    • Visit the Parimbe Tribe and experience their traditional dances and ceremonies.
  7. Kaminambit Village:
    • Explore Kaminambit Village, interacting with the local tribe and gaining insights into their way of life.
  8. High Boom Tribe:
    • Encounter the High Boom Tribe and witness their exceptional pottery craftsmanship.
  9. Wewak:
    • Explore Wewak, a coastal town with historical sites, markets, and a gateway to the Sepik River region.
  10. Goroka:
    • Visit Goroka for its cultural shows, festivals, and as a starting point for trips to the Sepik River.
  11. Ambunti Crocodile Festival:
    • If timing allows, attend the Ambunti Crocodile Festival, an annual celebration of Sepik River’s cultural heritage.
  12. Yirwondi Art Market:
    • Browse the Yirwondi Art Market for traditional Sepik River art, masks, and crafts.
  13. Traditional Canoe Rides:
    • Experience traditional canoe rides along the Sepik River, offering a unique perspective of the surrounding villages.
  14. Wahgi Valley:
    • Venture into the Wahgi Valley for an extension of cultural experiences and stunning landscapes.
  15. Traditional Villages:
    • Spend time in various traditional villages along the Sepik River, each offering a distinctive cultural experience.