Savanaunt Crocodile Tribe Lodge Sepik River Wewak

Capture the Spirit: Sepik River Photographic Expedition


  • Tribal Treasures: Encounter the Iatmul, Chambri, Abelam, Kwoma, Yatmam, and Maprik tribes, each celebrated for their unique artistry and cultural expressions.
  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from David Van Driessche’s expertise as he shares photography tips and techniques to help you capture compelling visual narratives.
  • Cultural Immersion: Engage with tribes during studio background photo shoots and cultural interactions, fostering a deeper understanding of their way of life.
  • Festival Splendor: Attend the Sepik River Crocodile and Arts Festival, documenting the kaleidoscope of colors, elaborate costumes, and captivating dances.
  • Scenic Exploration: Navigate the Blackwaters, venture to Ambunti Village, and capture the ethereal landscapes that frame the Sepik River.
  • Photography Discussions: Join fellow enthusiasts for discussions, reviews, and insights, enhancing your skills and enriching your photographic journey.

Options & Benefits:

  • Pricing: $4900 USD per person in a shared double room, based on a group of 6 people staying in 3 double rooms.
  • Included: Accommodation, transportation, meals, an English-speaking guide, festival access, studio background photo shoots, and expert photographic guidance.
  • Not Included: International and domestic flights, insurance, personal expenses, and any additional activities not specified in the itinerary.

Capture the soul-stirring moments, preserve ancient traditions through your lens, and return with a visual chronicle that transcends time. Join us on this unparalleled photographic expedition along the Sepik River – where every frame tells a story, and every click echoes the rich cultural heritage of Papua New Guinea.