Savanaunt Crocodile Tribe Lodge Sepik River Wewak

1. Getting Around in Wewak:

  • Wewak offers local transportation options, including taxis and hired vehicles. Plan transportation to explore the town and reach the Sepik Pier for river expeditions.

2. Transportation to the Sepik Pier:

  • Arrange for a reliable driver to transport you from Wewak to the Sepik Pier, a journey that may take around 5 hours. Ensure your departure and return plans are well-coordinated.

3. Boat Usage on the Sepik River:

  • Charter a boat for the Sepik River expedition, accommodating 1 to 5 people. This personalized experience ensures flexibility and intimacy during cultural visits.

4. Fuel Considerations:

  • Plan meticulously for fuel requirements, as visiting numerous tribes along the river demands ample resources. Ensure your boat is well-equipped with enough fuel for the entire cultural journey.

5. Expenses and Crew:

  • Be prepared for the cost of the river expedition, encompassing boat rental, crew expenses, and fuel. The intricate cultural experiences and access to remote tribes contribute to the overall investment.

6. Cultural Boat Crew:

  • Engage a knowledgeable boat crew familiar with Sepik River’s intricacies. Their expertise enhances safety, navigation, and cultural interactions, enriching your overall expedition.

7. Advance Planning:

  • Pre-plan your cultural itinerary, identifying the tribes you intend to visit along the Sepik River. This foresight aids in estimating fuel requirements and budgeting for the complete expedition.

8. Enriching Tribal Experiences:

  • While the trips may come at a cost, the investment allows for immersive encounters with diverse tribes, capturing the essence of their traditions and fostering cultural understanding.

9. Sustainable Travel:

  • Consider the environmental impact of your journey. Collaborate with local operators who prioritize sustainable practices to preserve the pristine beauty of the Sepik River.