FROM 17/6 till 2/7 2024

Unveiling the Mystical Aspects of Papua New Guinea:

Asaro Mudmen Festival and Skeleton Tribe’s Day of Skull Dancers

The Ultimate Tribal Experience in Papua New Guinea is an immersive cultural journey through the diverse and unique highland communities of this fascinating country. The itinerary is filled with exciting activities such as visiting coffee growers, witnessing sacred practices, traditional performances and unique festivals. Visitors get to experience firsthand the warmth and hospitality of these communities, sample their traditional cuisine, and learn about the ancient rituals and practices that have been passed down through generations.

The Highlight of this Trip is you will do two small festivals, one with the Asaro Mudmen, and one with the Skeleton Tribe in Mindima.


FROM 31/7 till  12/8 2024

Through the Lens: Exploring the Tribal Treasures of the Sepik River

Iatmul Tribe: The Iatmul people reside along the Sepik River and are known for their distinct artistry, including intricately carved wooden masks and sculptures. Chambri Tribe: The Chambri tribe is renowned for their unique face painting traditions, often using vibrant colors and geometric patterns. Abelam Tribe: The Abelam people are skilled artisans known for their intricate yam cult masks, which play a significant role in their cultural and spiritual practices. Kwoma Tribe: The Kwoma tribe is recognized for their vibrant and elaborate body painting designs, which they showcase during important ceremonies and rituals. Yatmam Tribe: The Yatmam tribe is known for their skillful pottery making and distinctive pottery designs, reflecting their rich cultural heritage. Maprik Tribe: The Maprik tribe is celebrated for their ceremonial dancing and vibrant costumes adorned with feathers, shells, and traditional ornaments.