Kundu Drum Festival - July 2023-2024-2025-2026

Kundu Drum Festival - July 2023-2024-2025-2026

The Kundu Drum Festival is one of the most vibrant and exciting cultural events in Papua New Guinea. It is a celebration of the country’s diverse and rich cultural heritage, with traditional music, dance, and crafts at the forefront of the festivities. The festival is held annually in Port Moresby, the capital city of Papua New Guinea.

The Kundu Drum Festival typically takes place over three days in late August or early September. In 2023, it will be held from August 25th to 27th, while in 2024, the festival is scheduled from September 5th to 7th. The festival brings together different ethnic groups from across Papua New Guinea to showcase their unique cultural expressions through music, dance, and arts and crafts.

The Kundu drum, a traditional percussion instrument made from a hollowed-out log, is at the center of the festival. The drum is played in a variety of styles, each unique to the different regions of Papua New Guinea. During the festival, you will hear the mesmerizing sounds of the Kundu drum echoing throughout the city, creating an electric atmosphere that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

In addition to music and dance, the Kundu Drum Festival also features a craft market where visitors can purchase traditional handicrafts such as carvings, weavings, and paintings. It is an opportunity to learn about and appreciate the skill and artistry of the local craftspeople.

One of the highlights of the festival is the grand performance, which brings together hundreds of musicians, dancers, and performers on a single stage. It is an incredible spectacle that showcases the diversity of Papua New Guinea’s cultures and traditions. The grand performance is a culmination of days of preparation and rehearsal by the different groups and is a celebration of their hard work and dedication to preserving their cultural heritage.

The Kundu Drum Festival is a unique and exciting cultural experience that should not be missed. It is an opportunity to immerse oneself in the music, dance, and crafts of Papua New Guinea and to appreciate the country’s rich cultural heritage. Whether you are a music lover, a dance enthusiast, or simply interested in learning about different cultures, the Kundu Drum Festival is an event that will leave you with unforgettable memories.