Goroka Show - September 2023-2024-2025-2026

Goroka Show - September 2023-2024-2025-2026

The Goroka Show is one of the most highly anticipated cultural events in Papua New Guinea, attracting visitors from all around the world. This three-day festival showcases the rich and diverse culture of the Eastern Highlands Province, with performances by hundreds of tribes and cultural groups.

The festival takes place annually in September and features traditional dances, music, and costumes. It’s a celebration of the unique traditions and customs of the local communities, providing visitors with a glimpse into the daily lives of the people who live in the region.

During the Goroka Show, performers don intricate costumes, paint their faces with vibrant colors, and perform dances that have been passed down through generations. Visitors can expect to see a range of traditional dances, including the famous Asaro Mudmen dance, as well as other performances featuring body paint, colorful costumes, and traditional instruments like the bamboo flute.

The festival also features a market where visitors can buy local handicrafts and traditional artifacts. Local vendors sell a range of items, including jewelry, carvings, and clothing, providing visitors with the perfect opportunity to take home a unique souvenir from their trip to Papua New Guinea.

In addition to the performances and market, the Goroka Show also includes a range of other activities, such as a pig catching competition and a display of vintage cars. Visitors can also enjoy local food and drink, including traditional dishes like mumu (steamed vegetables and meat) and coconut milk.

The dates for the Goroka Show in 2023 are September 15th-17th, and in 2024, they are September 13th-15th. It’s recommended that visitors book their accommodation and tickets early, as the festival is a popular event that attracts large crowds.

Overall, the Goroka Show is an incredible opportunity to experience the unique culture of Papua New Guinea and witness the incredible diversity of the Eastern Highlands Province. From the vibrant costumes and body paint to the intricate dances and traditional music, there is something for everyone to enjoy at this amazing festival.