Frangipani Festival - September 2023-2024-2025-2026

Frangipani Festival - September 2023-2024-2025-2026

The Frangipani Festival is an annual cultural event held in the town of Rabaul, Papua New Guinea. This festival celebrates the beauty and fragrant aroma of the frangipani flower, which is widely grown in the area. The festival brings together various cultures of Papua New Guinea, including Tolai, Baining, and Pomio.

The Frangipani Festival is held over three days in early September and is a lively celebration of music, dance, and cultural performances. Visitors can enjoy traditional Tolai and Baining dances, which are accompanied by the beat of kundu drums and the sound of bamboo flutes. There are also cultural displays and exhibitions showcasing traditional arts and crafts, including pottery, weaving, and carving.

One of the highlights of the Frangipani Festival is the street parade, which features brightly decorated floats and dancers in vibrant traditional costumes. The parade is a colorful spectacle, with participants throwing frangipani flowers to the cheering crowds.

In addition to cultural performances, the Frangipani Festival also features a market where visitors can buy locally made handicrafts, including jewelry, baskets, and carvings. There are also food stalls serving traditional Tolai dishes, such as kokoda (raw fish in coconut cream), taro, and cassava.

The Frangipani Festival is an important event for the people of Rabaul, who take great pride in showcasing their culture and traditions to visitors from around the world. It is also an opportunity for visitors to learn more about the diverse cultures of Papua New Guinea and to experience the warmth and hospitality of the local people.

In 2023, the Frangipani Festival is scheduled to take place from September 8-10. In 2024, the dates are yet to be confirmed, but it is expected to be held around the same time of the year. Visitors are advised to book their accommodation and flights well in advance, as the festival is a popular event and accommodation can fill up quickly.