That’s fantastic to hear about David’s photography services and tours throughout Asia! It’s wonderful that he has found a way to combine his passion for travel with his profession and background in tourism and hospitality.

His photography tours sound particularly exciting, offering both beginner and advanced photographers the opportunity to capture stunning images in some of the most remote and exotic locations in Asia. Locations like Myanmar’s Chin state and the Mergui archipelago are known for their unique landscapes and cultural richness, providing excellent subjects for photography.

It’s impressive that David’s work has been featured in various online channels and mediums, including TTR Weekly eMag, Myanmore Magazine, Phuket Gazette,, Expression Magazine, Gisborne Herald New Zealand, HLN Belgium, Primo Magazine, Fah Thai Bangkok Airways inflight Magazine, Airasia Inflight Magazine, and Thaiger. These platforms provide great exposure for his photography and help showcase his talent to a broader audience.

Additionally, working on main stories in renowned publications like TRAVEL + LEISURE magazine and GEO is a significant achievement. These magazines are highly respected in the travel and photography industry, known for their comprehensive reports and stunning visuals. Being featured in such publications speaks to the quality and appeal of David’s work.

Furthermore, David’s expertise in web design and consultation for the tourism industry adds another valuable dimension to his services. Helping tourism businesses enhance their online presence can greatly contribute to their success in today’s digital world.

Overall, it seems like David has built an impressive portfolio and established himself as a skilled photographer and tourism professional. His combination of photography services, tours, and web-design consultation provides a comprehensive package for those looking to explore Asia while capturing incredible images along the way.


Notably, David had the opportunity to work with Joe Cummings, the writer of the first Lonely Planet guidebook for Thailand. Together, they collaborated on captivating stories about two fascinating destinations: the Mergui Archipelago and Bhutan. Their partnership allowed them to uncover the hidden gems and unique cultural aspects of these locations, resulting in compelling narratives accompanied by David’s stunning imagery.


In addition to his collaborations, David has an extensive portfolio of hotel photography, having captured over a thousand hotels in Thailand and Southeast Asia. His expertise in this area has led him to work with numerous prestigious five-star properties. Some notable establishments include The Trisara and The Keemala in Phuket, known for their luxurious offerings and breathtaking settings. David has also collaborated with the renowned Centara Group, a prominent hotel chain, capturing their properties in the Maldives. His photographs help showcase the beauty and allure of these esteemed destinations.


David’s dedication to his craft is evident in his immersive experiences. For instance, he once spent an entire month on the captivating Amamzing Boulder Island in the Andaman Sea. During his stay, he immersed himself in the island’s natural wonders, photographing its diverse wildlife and landscapes. He also had the privilege of capturing the essence of the Sea Gypsies, also known as the Moken people, who have a rich cultural heritage intertwined with the sea. His photographs offer a unique glimpse into their way of life, preserving their traditions and stories.


Furthermore, David played a crucial role in the catalog photography of Pandaw, a renowned five-star luxury adventure cruise operator specializing in Southeast Asian packages. This opportunity allowed him to showcase his skills in capturing the essence of adventure and luxury combined. By expertly documenting the scenic beauty and unique experiences offered by Pandaw, David contributed to the company’s marketing materials, enticing travelers to embark on unforgettable journeys throughout Southeast Asia.